Company Trust Administration

Galvani Fiduciaria offers the service of company trust administration, which implies also:

  • Fiduciary or shares (listed and unlisted), Company share, Italian and foreign bonds, rights of usufruct and bare ownership;
  • Constitution of Italian and foreign companies and underwriting of capital increases;
  • Option right issues;
  • Header of shareholder contributions in c/capital and interest-free loans;
  • Representation in members, shareholders and bond-holders assemblies and exercise of the right to vote;
  • Shareholders’ agreements and / or agreements in general;
  • Stocks and shares management as security for members and others;
  • Receipt of dividends and profits;
  • Buy or sell stocks and shares;
  • Fiduciary and corporate assistance in stock option plans and guarantee agreements(escrow agent).
    Assistance in planning corporate structures and tax issues
company trust administration