Galvani Fiduciaria is a company-sponsored professional, created to offer an additional service of specific and innovative advisory to be attached to the traditional profession.

From the beginning the Company operated in absolute independence and autonomy not belonging to any banking group.

Key values of Galvani Fiduciaria

Galvani Fiduciaria’s mission is pursued also by the key factors that are the basis of our daily work:

  • professionalism and reliability
  • personalized assistance
  • evolution and modernity of the tools and solutions proposed
  • confidentiality

Galvani Fiduciaria’s structure

Galvani Fiduciaria’s professionals have an extremely experienced knowledge and they are able to satisfy the needs of discerning and aware clients who seeks in our Company the solutions to specialized and often highly complex issues.

mission Galvani Fiduciaria

Relying on a qualified and skilled team, Galvani Fiduciaria’s mission is to propose innovative solutions in the management of financial assets as well as in the management and protection of assets, in full respect of the relevant legislation.

The evolution of the regulatory environment – particularly intense in the last decade for the measures to encourage the return of capital from abroad – has led to the consolidation of both traditional fiduciary services and specialist ones for which the value of “environmental confidentiality” is also important.

Also, the progressive attribution to trustees of the role of withholding agent led to an increase of tax planning services and tax planning overall.